The Logic Model Guidebook

The Logic Model Guidebook

The Logic Model Guidebook can be a central tool in your learning. We know of many efforts practitioners have organized to improve their logic model knowledge and skills. Each chapter includes learning objectives, questions and resources. It’s an easy-to-use resource for self-study or a small group.

Create Your Own Book Circle

The simple recipe below can be amended or revised to your preference.

  • Gather a small group, 4-10 people (live or virtually)
  • Ensure all participants have a Guidebook
  • Nominate a book or chapter leader to facilitate discussion
  • Assign a chapter or two for reading at regular intervals
  • Hold regular meetings for review of key concepts, questions, and resources
  • Nominate a recorder for notes

Optional: Add groupware that can capture and store discussion notes, examples, links and other resources. Consider Visio software or similar for drawing models.

The Guidebook is used in organizations, corporations, colleges and universities worldwide! For guest speaking, webinars, conference presentations, workshops or seminars, contact us.

2nd edition in press. Coming Fall 2012.