A few of our work samples are provided here. They represent a range of content, clients and techniques. Send us an email or call to request a copy of these items.

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EvaluATE – Market Analysis


Understanding the demand for needs, interests and services is critical to meeting it. What services and support do evaluators and program staff need? How do they rate what’s offered? Who participates in professional development? Constructing an effective inquiry on these challenges is vital to informing design and plans. This National Science Foundation-funded project asked us to tackle these key questions. This report profiles one data collection method for a technical assistance effort.

Civic Engagement Practice Menu


What's the big theory of change underneath civic engagement? What tools and techniques can help you move multiple stakeholders on your agenda? What features are most important with which audience? When should invitations be made to new audiences? These and other important questions are covered in an easy-to-use "practice menu" that offers huge value to anyone interested in social change. This is a very popular product with lots of potential for design, planning, monitoring and evaluation application.

Educating & Engaging Business


How can business play a role in US fiscal reform? This briefing offers a "snapshot" of one approach to raise awareness and provide input on important public policy concerns about America's fiscal status. The work relies on a program logic model. Using multiple data collection strategies, evidence is gathered to answer precise inquiry. This is an early assessment of progress. It is terrific example of an easy-to-read and highly useful report for your board or funders.

Early Childhood Literacy Gains


Very young children can make important progress in literacy skills well before Kindergarten. Reflecting both focus groups and student achievement data, these two products indicate the exciting growth in student and teacher learning that's possible with a targeted intervention. They reflect a "mixed methods" (qualitative and quantitative data collection with analysis) evaluation approach. These are short examples of rapid reporting that project managers can use to gauge progress and show success. Easily understood, they are also highly useful for funders.

Treading Water: Michigan Women & Economic Self-Sufficiency


What are the key issues for women's self-sufficiency in Michigan? A composite profile, reflecting interviews and focus groups with women across the state, describe their realities. This product was the basis for a public policy agenda that suggests some important action steps for changes that could enable self-reliance for many Michigan women and their families. A fascinating snapshot of aspirations, barriers, and facilitators for women's financial independence. This product offers a great example of qualitative research with important implications.

Evaluation & Knowledge Management


What matters for evaluation and knowledge management design? A large association client asked us to create an internal prototype. They know monitoring the right "gauges" can offer important levers for management. This slideshow demonstrates how logic models can anchor design. This material suggests common ways for managers and leaders to review efficiencies and value for organizational effectiveness.

Better and Different


Better management and governance are keys to a viable system that supports community development. This provoking essay defines the key functions and competencies of great governance and capable management. Useful for senior staff leadership and civic leaders in naming their relationship, role and expectations.

Why Math & Science Matter


Why are math and science so critical for our kids' prospects? This essay cites the rationale for awareness about an overdue emphasis on core subjects that are lagging in Michigan schools. It provides sobering facts that should not be ignored. A general orientation for parents, educators, program staff and civic leaders that provokes reflection about education priorities.

From Good to Great


How do good foundations differ from great? This essay raises five provoking questions for trustees, staff and grantees to explore. It also provides opinion on essential attributes of a great foundation. A digestible piece to support important dialogues inside your organization.