Why PWK?

Whole Systems & Focus

We are quick studies who negotiate complex and dynamic environments. We work collaboratively with stakeholders to build both individual and organization competencies. Our technical skills cover the whole spectrum of management and measurement counsel.

Phillips Wyatt Knowlton emphasizes evidence, data and models. We consider whole systems, strategic improvement and focus on results.

Sticky Problems

We apply the rigor of scientific methods to the challenges of organization development, policy, practice, innovation and change. We offer disciplined problem-solving and promote the adoption as well as transfer of knowledge. We love sticky problems and new challenges.

PWK Principals are supplemented with Senior Associates with decades of special training and experience. As needed, we assemble multi-disciplinary teams to meet client needs. Your projects determine what additional skills and knowledge are necessary. Then, we assure staffing that delivers a full-service solution. You always have at least one Principal as a constant contact.

We value candid dialogue, humor, quality, utility, learning and innovation.